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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i'm jessica dean. officer christopher dorman was shot doing what he loved serving the community. we have live team three coverage beginning with "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos at penn presbyterian medical center with the latest on the officer a's condition, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon. that of his other is 25 year-old christopher dorman listed in critical but stable condition which is very fortunate and police chief says, because he was shot at least half dozen times. dozens of officers rushing to penn presbyterian medical center, moments later... 25 year-old folcroft boro police officer christopher dorman arrived by medical helicopter shot at least six times. >> at this point, he is stable but critical. >> reporter: folcroft the police chief, robert also rushed to the hospital. meeting with officer dorman's family. >> his mother a and father are here, they are obviously upset
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but they feel more relieved now that he is stable. >> reporter: dorman a one year veteran of the department. >> outstanding officer. i cannot say enough about him. outstanding. >> reporter: was responding to a narcotic call in the 1500 block of elmwood street in folcroft. he was first to live and then apparently ambushed by the shooter. >> i'm shot. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old plead for help as gun battle unfolds. >> unaudible. >> reporter: dorman was shot in the face, leg groin and lower back and fellow officer originally responded to the narcotic call now rushing to get the injured officer help. >> unaudible. >> they transported them to fitzgerald mercy hospital who in turn flew him here. >> reporter: now dorman is in surgery and it is incredible he survived. >> i was told by doctors that thank god he had his vest on so apparently there may have been several shots, into his
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vest. >> reporter: chief says dorman's passion is serving his community. beside being a police officer for past year and some months he was also a volunteer fire fighter for years prior. we are live at penn presbyterian hospital i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". no stone was left unturned in the search for suspect who shot officer dor man. >> law enforcement swarmed that folcroft neighborhood and we have learned multiple people have been taken in custody including the shooter. "eyewitness news" reporterral sand that hoff joins us in the neighborhood with that part of the story, alex. >> reporter: good evening. this entire ordeal played out in an area smaller than a football field this complex behind me is where police worked to get that gunman out of this afternoon taking him right across the street to police headquarters and that is where he is right now. as morning pushed on so did dozens of additional officers, many intact particularral gear and armored vehicles, task
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with apprehending a gunman who had taken near deadly action on one of their own. >> i heard, pop, pop. >> i heard shots, pop, pop, pop. next thing you know, it went. >> reporter: swift response due to the shooting taking place on elmwood avenue directly across from the folcroft police station where 25 year-old officer christopher dorman was shot at least six times according to police responding to a call about drug activity, something tameika daily says she has seen shooting suspect participate in on her block before. >> they do this all the time. sheriff's department was just in there the other day. >> reporter: nearby septa line and amtrak services were suspended while police searched the area. before focusing on the folcroft station apartment complex. just before 1:00 p.m. police went inside and as you can see, were able to take the alleged shooter into custody without incident. once word spread community members burst into applause, thanking every unit as they
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passed. >> you never know what else will happen but it is a good thing that they got another criminal off the street. >> reporter: that was our alex hoff reporting, keep it right here with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, you can always get latest on the investigation at cbs most of us, looked outside and see sun, maybe a few clouds but one county in the the a area is getting pounded and has been for hours, meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck, with the first look at the forecast, kate? >> jessica, storms sat over portions of the area today, pretty much for hours on end in southern cumberland county, new jersey was hardest hit. happy to report flash flood warning that had been in effect has been cancelled. heavy rain has moved out of the area lets look at storm scan three and you can see what is going on out there still scattered showers and storms off to the west and off to the south. here in philadelphia we have been dealing with some cloud here and there throughout the course of the day but also some sun and north of the city
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not a bad day. all depended where you were. this is a six hour loop on storm scan three watch this storm blossom over southern cumberland county and it just stays in that same area for six hours drifting down the shore where we have reports of street flooding in our shore communities like stone harbor. as we zoom out you can see showers and thunderstorms are beginning to diminish but can't rule out a pop up shower or storm this evening or tonight. lets zoom in on the hardest hit a areas, no rain reported from the city on north but look at that one red bull's eye over southern cumberland county three plus inches in that within small area we have one remaining flood advisory for portions of cape may county until 6:30, ostensibly but they have been dropping these like flies so i do assume they will drop that one as well once flooding rain starts to move on out. the good news things look a whole lot better for the entire region as we head in the weekend. temperatures will be on the way up but humidity on the way down, i'll explain, when i join you inside.
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>> thanks, kate. historic brexit decision has had an impact on global market. markets suffered its biggest loss since august, dow jones was down 611 points, nasdaq down 202, and s and p down 76. cbs reporter kitty logan is in london with the latest on britain's choice to leave the union. >> reporter: great britain's stunning decision to leave the european union surprised millions, and forced one of the world's most powerful leaders out of office. >> the british people have made a very clear decision to take a different path and as such, i think the country requires fresh leadership. >> reporter: prime minister david cameron has staked his reputation on keeping britain in the eu, now he plans to leave by october. president obama a spoke with cameron today and agreed that the economic and financial teams will remain in close contact to ensure growth and financial stability. >> one thing that will not change is the special
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relationship that exist between our two nations. that will endure. >> wanted britain out of the eu believe their leaders will have have more control over immigration, trade and other economic issues. >> there is simply no need in the 21st century to be part of a federal system of government based in brussels that is imitated no where else on earth. >> reporter: but word sent global financial market plunging, the british pound to its weakest level against the dollar in 30 years. >> french president francis hollande said decision to leave was a painful choice and angela more kerr called it a blow to europe. it could take two years or more to fully separate from the european union. kitty logan, cbs news, london. presidential candidates are weighing in object britain's decision to exit the european union. donald trump shared his reaction at a golf course reopening in turnberry
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scotland. >> i do see a parallel between what is happening in the you had and is what happening here. people want to seaboarder. they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country. they don't no who they are and where they are coming from. they have no idea. i think, you know, not only did it won but won by much bigger margin then people thought it would happen. >> unlike england scotland voted to remain in the eu. hillary clinton also reacted to the vote saying we respect the choice the united kingdom made and in a follow-up she added this time of uncertainty only under scores the need for calm steady experienced leadership in the white house. bernie sanders was on the campaign trail at an event in albany, new york. earlier on a morning talk show though he was asked what he thought of brexit, he said he was concerned about the breaking down of an international cooperation but he says he thought the vote was an indication that the global economy is not working for everybody. today family and friend
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gathered in philadelphia to remember akyra murray the west catholic basketball stand out was one of the 49 people killed in it or lande nightclub shooting. our cleve bryan was there for the emotional good bye. >> ♪ >> reporter: praise and worship music offered inspiration, and comfort to family and friend as they said good bye to 18 year-old akyra mur friday west philadelphia. she was the youngest victim of the orlando mass kerr. >> unaudible. >> reporter: families say they traveled to orlando for vacation and visit akyra's brother. ago are her cousin and friend were inside the pulse nightclub when gunman omar mateen started his deadly rampage. >> crazy. it shouldn't to have go through stuff like this. i'm just overwhelmed. >> reporter: akyra was a stand out basketball player at west catholic high school one of the few to ever score a thousand points. her teammates wore basketball
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jerseys over their dresses at funeral, others wore red, but just prior to her murder akyra graduated third in her class and on her way to play basketball at mercyhurst college. >> i hope they understand, all right, we have an impact on everyone's lives, young and old. she was a great young girl. she was a scholar athlete of our school and jussie great young girl. >> reporter: murray's family declined to speak but her mother left with us beautiful word for her daughter. the fact you are no longer with us will always cause me pain but always be forever in my heart until we meet again n west philadelphia, cleveer in bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, officialness folcroft are holding a press conference with an update on the shooting of officer dorman. we understand up is in create cool but stable condition. >> lets's listen in. >> 1528 elmwood avenue in
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folcroft. he was a alleged to be violating act 64 whether it is a drug act and ate period from the person that called in he was actually selling illegal drugs behind that apartment complex 1528 elmwood avenue. officer christopher dorman received that call, and responded to that location. officer dorman a arrived, encountered the defendant, a scuffle ensued, and then the defendant callus,ly and drew his weapon and fired at officer dorman striking him seven times, once in the face, four times in the chest, and once in the groin and once in the leg. at this point a second folcroft officer was dispatched, was in route, was on the street, behind the
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apartment building, and actually was able to see the struggle, exited his vehicle and the defendant at this point in time turned the gun and started to shoot at the second officer, and a second attempt to kill another folcroft officer. he received a call over the radio he could hear officer dorman indicating that he was shot. officer dorman was able to go through the apartment, through the alley between the two buildings, and ended up on elmwood avenue where a third folcroft officer was able to attempt to render aid and place the injured officer dorman in his vehicle, rush him to fitzgerald mercy hospital, where upon he was treated and prepped to transported by helicopter to a philadelphia hospital. it is where he is currently at
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today. we were able to locate the fact that he was the defendant, was in the immediate area, we were able to receive help from atf as well as numerous departments here in delaware county that came to aid as well as multiple swat teams along with the fbi we have the two apartment buildings surrounded and swat, in delaware county was activated, swat has had the building surrounded for a number of hours and finally, was able to take control of the building, entered the apartment, where the suspect was, and took him into custody without incident. suspect has been identified as daunte brooks island, also known as abdul wa hid.
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he has been right now in custody at the folcroft boro police station. we're in the process of continuing this investigation. we're in the process of charging the defendant. the defendant will be charged with attempted murder, certainly two counts, he will be charged with aggravated assault, two counts, he will be charged with related offences. we also learned that the defendant, this career criminal, that the drug dealer, he also has been convicted of firearms violations, various firearms violations and has been serving a sentence, a long sentence of approximately 15 years in federal penitentiary and was only relatively recently released.
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again, we want you to ask you to keep this officer in your prayers, as well as his family. would i ask at this point in time officer chief rocowsky from folcroft boro if he wants to add or say anything additional. >> good afternoon everyone, thank you for patients in waiting for us. i got word before we came down that he is still in surgery. they expect the surgery to last about another hour. they are working on his face now. everything else that they were operating on appears to be a success. so right new they are working on the facial damage that he has. we will open it up to any questions. >> if you can tell us where and how he was shot in the face. >> it was apparently through the cheeks. >> you said he was island.
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>> yes good he shoots officer dormans seven times and then attempts to shoot at the man. >> the second officer. >> give us an idea how that is unbelievable he is alive. >> unbelievable that he ace live and what i'm gathering through his family his parents talk to the doctor and the doctor say that anyone of those rounds on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot in both front and back of the vest with three wounds to his body, one in his face, one in the frown and one in his legs. we just thank god he had his vest on. >> how many numbers. >> he was shot seven times. >> unaudible. >> i'm not sure if that fact the officer who was shot but second officer who arrived on the scene exchanged gunfire with the defendant. >> was the weapon recovered? >> i believe it was, yes. >> what was it? >> i'm not sure of the caliber i believe 40 caliber. >> correct, talking about the
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defendant's weapon. >> yes, we believe we have the weapon that was used for the a tempted murder. >> where is the suspect now. >> our headquarters. >> folcroft. >> yes. >> are you identifying the second officer who was. >> david dipietro. >> can you spell the suspect's name. >> abdul what is the second one. >> wahi i believe. >> unaudible. >> i believe there was a warrant out for him i believe but not a federal warrant. >> unaudible. >> i don't know. >> the a dress was what. >> elmwood avenue. >> the apartment. >> his name. >> i would have to look it up, i believe he is in his 30's. >> thirty's. >> were three women also taken into custody. >> no. >> there is other people
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involved but one person is under a rest. >> there was at least three women handcuffed at the time he was put in the police car. >> we have detained a number of individuals and right now in the investigation it is ongoing. we have not charged those three individual at this point as we speak here right now, however, it is still on going investigation. they were taken out. they were detained. they still are in detention being questioned and they were with the defendant at the time of his arrest. >> unoughtible. >> another apartment. >> unaudible. >> an adjacent building. >> what can you tell us about officer dorman, he grew up in folcroft and just tell me about him, he was a volunteer. >> he was a volunteer for this fire department that we're sitting in now since he was
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16. he is 25. his dream was to be a folcroft officer. we're lucky enough to hire him about a year and a half ago. i would say this is a good officer. he is a part-time officer but we hire a lot of part-timers because they leave for other jobs, full-time jobs. i don't want him to leave. he was in the process of leaving to get a full-time job with septa's police department. from what i understand he was pretty close to getting that. now they are going through their background checks and all that but he is the kind of guy i was telling district attorney jack here thaw don't want to lose him because that is how good he is. the just a good guy. great sense of humor then something like this has to happen. i'm just hoping to get a full recovery and we get him back or septa gets him. >> he does come from a great family. do know his mother and father.
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i worked with him. his father is a former councilman in folcroft boro, moved to delaware. just a great family. just a shame that both officer and this family has to go through this. >> unaudible. >> we had reports of different types of drugs. we know that there was allegations of heroin, is there also allegations of marijuana. >> as a sheriff's activity a at that location in the last 24 to 48 hours,... >> we have an extensive narcotics task force, it is aware of the suspect drug activity in this particular area, i'm not wear of the last 24 to 48 hours that being anish you.not wear of the last
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>> is he married or single. >> no, single will, no children. >> unaudible. >> i would defer to the chief but i can tell thaw we do have this extensive nast cot innings task force, over 60 under cover officers that work various neighborhoods in delaware county and we see unfortunately in this particular region the philadelphia region a lot of drug activity in certain area. we investigated, we take anonymous tips, there are certain neighborhoods in many of the communities unfortunately along this particular macdade and chester pike corridor that has issues. i don't think it is particular more than some of the other neighborhoods but certainly we investigate all tips we get and all criminal activity. >> unaudible. >> we had him before.
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he wasn't currently being watched. to get about a to your original question, we're no different from anybody else to be perfectly honest with you. we have the main arteries, chester pike, macdade boulevard, but the drug activity that you see nationwide anymore. you see what district attorney did with the narcan and that is just for bringing people back because they won't stop, they are almost killing themselves. we have the same issues that everybody has. they might be wearing short and jeans here and somewhere else they are wearing a a three piece suit. that i can tell you for a fact. back in 2005, late 2005/early 2006 we had a council that led us, tried to do something about it and that was work under cover and reason i bring that up it is not an easy thing to do in these small departments. we are not a city or township. the just to have these
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resource toes do that they gave them to us and they continue to give to us. no questions asked. we have several guys working doing that just that. you do what you can but it is just not us, i don't have an answer between the pills out the there and the heroin out there a and it is every where you look and so we're no better or no worse then anybody else to be perfectly honest with you. >> how long it has been since a folcroft officer has been shot. >> the last time, when i came on in the late 70's there was a sergeant that had been shot in the leg although it was accidental. i believe it might have been self inflict, an accidental shooting. we had officer involved shootings. in fact we were involved in a shooting 20 years ago but to have an officer injured like this, never.
5:24 pm
it is a wake up call for these small towns you guys see all the time, we read about it all the time and you don't want to say it will not happen to you but you just know that it is happening every where. you are just not immune to it. over smoking grass. just hanging out smoking grass 10:00 o'clock in the morning, somebody is willing to take your life. >> do you know if anything was said between suspect and officer prior to the gun shot. >> no, i don't. >> unaudible. >> it has been i believe a long time, however, i know that we have had issues with people firing at officers. i don't recall one shot, however, just a follow-up on what the chief has indicated
5:25 pm
is that folcroft i know folcroft inside and out. i personally had opportunity to work in folcroft and they are really great residents here in folcroft. they care about each other, they look out for each other and in this particular case we got a call from the resident indicating there was an apparent drug deal in the back of 1528 elmwood avenue which led officer doorman to the investigation and that is type of residents you have looking out for each other trying to eliminate any type of drug activity in their neigh hood. >> i will say this, you talk about a different communities and stuff, our residents, the for we get from our residents is just mind boggling. they know we're trying to do something about it and we're always getting calls from our resident. it is constant. it is old saying eyes and ears of the police and it really is the case. we're always getting calls and always getting tips and today
5:26 pm
was a perfect example somebody about on the toward call. so many times you hear nobody called but we're lucky that way. >> unaudible. >> somebody is here some where. there is frank, frank. he could probably answer some questions about the firehouse if he needs to. >> unaudible. >> he used both names. >> unought aible. >> well, we believe he would be affiliated with the muslim reledge on. >> unaudible. >> no d. >> no d. >> that is what i believe the spelling is. >> i have seen it on reports
5:27 pm
that i have reviewed, i have seen it spelled both way, donte and dante but i believe traditionally it was spelled dante. >> island. >> that is his name on his legal paperwork, his name, his legal name is dante brooks island. >> brooks. >> okay. >> i believe that he is in the process of being fingerprinted and photographed. it may be a while before that is available but he is in custody. he has not been processed as we speak. >> we will get it to you but he has not been processed yet what about the arraignment, do you believe that will happen tonight. >> i believe it will happen tonight. >> will he be taken to district justice. >> he would be taken to district justice typically. >> where we don't know yet.
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>> unaudible. >> there was a warrant for him, not a major warrant and maybe he didn't want to be caught again. i just don't know. >> unaudible. >> no, answering a call and the way the call came out, the officers get those calls all the time suspicious activity. that is how the call came out. possible drug activity. he went pack there to see what was going on behind the building and that is where these guys were and he had approached the guy and guy opened up on him. >> law enforcement officials discussing the scene when an officer was shot, multiple times responding on a narcotics call. >> unbelievable. sound like a miracle that officer is alive being shot seven times, and any number of those bullets could have taken his life and then a fatal shot. of course many good wishes his
5:29 pm
way. this will continue to develop. they are working out a process. when we get a mug shot we will show you. >> he is critical and under stable condition. he is in surgery this career criminal in custody. more news after
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we are continuing to follow, our top story to day a folcroft police officer shot in the line of duty. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30 i'm jessica dean. i'm's ukee washington. investigators told us 25 year-old officer christopher dorman is in critical but stable condition and is in surgery. now the one year veteran was shot seven times including in the face, chest after responding to an narcotic calls on the 1500 block of elmwood street. dorman was first to arrive around 10:00 this morning. authority say he was shot during a scuffle with the alleged gunman and he is identified as dante brooks island, authorities described
5:33 pm
him as a career criminal. >> a second folcroft officer was dispatched, was in route, was on the street behind the apartment building and actually was able to see the struggle, exited his vehicle, and then the defendant at this point in time turned the gun and started to shoot at the second officer, and a second attempt to kill another folcroft officer. >> he is facing a a long list of charges, police are questioning three other people with this suspect. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, get latest on the investigation anytime at cbs tonight a community comes together to remember a four year-old girl who died after being shot in the face, in her north philadelphia home. "eyewitness news" report are natasha brownies live on north 20th street where vigil for that little girl is underway, natasha. >> reporter: very passionate,
5:34 pm
somber vigil is currently still underway in the 1800 block of north 20th street in north philadelphia, tears, prayers and moments of cile tones day for four year-old girl whom police now believe accidentally shot herself. >> come for support one mother to another. >> reporter: mothers feeling the pain of another mother a's loss gathering to remember a four year-old little girl. investigators believe the child identified here in family photos as sinai accidentally shot herself in the head in her north philadelphia home, around noon time on thursday. she was found in an upstairs bedroom. while police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting, neighbors here in the 1800 block of north 20th street are gathering to hold vigil for a life lost far too soon. >> very sad, sad. >> i watched these girls play every day. that is heart breaking. >> reporter: community activist amel wells took this opportunity to hand out flyers
5:35 pm
reminding resident to keep guns from children. he is hoping to prevent another tragedy. >> all we're asking is we can start on the ground by telling people to please your guns away from your children, hide them. keep them out of the way of the kid. we are asking everybody, please don't come out with your guns and point them while women and children and things are around. >> reporter: you can see right now many neighbors and community members gathered here are holding balloons, pink and white balloons, they will release those in just a moment in honor of four year-old sinai, her family members are here, her aunt is here and consoled by many, many neighbors. police are telling us at this point they are not sure if any charges will be filed in this case, they say right now it is too early to stay. live from north philadelphia, natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. chopper three over 1700 block of west allegheny avenue where fire fighters made a gruesome discovery this morning. we are told they found charred
5:36 pm
remains of the human body while putting out a fire in the empty lot. police are investigating how remains got there and who set it on fire. no arrests have been made. funeral services were held for george bengal, the pennsylvania spca director of humane law enforcement. services held in northeast philadelphia included four military honors. bengal passed away saturday at age 69. the p spca has establish the bengal fund to end animal cruelty in his honor. george bengalis survived by his wife of 35 years, two daughters, and a grandson. hazmat situation at villanova, driscoll hall college of nursing was evacuated after fumes sick even students there chopper three over the school earlier this morning. the students smelled a strange odor and many started to feel sick. students were evaluate by emergency medical teams at the scene, building has since reopened, still no word on the source of that smell. officials are recognizing
5:37 pm
a september bus driver for his quick actions after interrupting a purse snatching. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon spoke to that driver. when he saw it, he didn't think twice he just ran after the thief. >> reporter: watch or you might miss it. actually, lets just play it again. that is veteran septa bus driver charles artberry flying friday from his seat to go after a purse snatcher. >> i just wanted to help out f my wife was in that predicament i would hope somebody would try to help her. >> reporter: thief struck as victim was about to board the bus, about 4:40 at 29th and girard avenue. artberry didn't give it much thought and did not to have run far down girard before he pinned down the suspect long enough for police to take him in. >> it is definitely courageous. mr. artberry existed in the very definition of going on above and beyond. >> reporter: his fellow passengers stepped up too. some run out behind him to
5:38 pm
help him and a suspect out and when artberry returned to his bus. >> i remember him asking did i catch him. in between, breaths i said yes. >> reporter: well deserved round of applause and a thank you from the victim, first in that moment and then later again. >> ironically on the way home, it was my last trip i seen her again. first thing i went through my mind i didn't do nothing and she got back on my busy wouldn't be able to look at her in her face. i just wouldn't be able to do it. i was happy to be able to face her and ask her if she was all right. >> reporter: it appears that victim was okay. artberry is relieved no one was hurt. he has been on the job for 28 years. reporting from the cbs-3 sat center, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good man right there. sixers made it official last night taking lsu forward ben simmons with the first pick in the draft. >> and sixers held a
5:39 pm
introduction press conference today of sorts introducing their new you player. sports director don bell was there and he is joining us live with more. big day for sixers, two in a row, don. >> reporter: that is right, good afternoon guys. future has officially arrived, ben simmons arriving here in philadelphia and meeting fail press for first time since being drafted number one overall last night in brooklyn. lets show you image is here today, smooth dresser, just stepping up, to the podium here holding up that number 25 jersey. that is the number he will wear with the sixer. you know numbers, as a freshman at lsu, averaged 19-point per game with 11 rebound and four assists. those are top numbers in the country. he has been answering questions over last couple days about playing for sixers. so decided to take a different approach and go wrapped fire with the number one pick. >> okay, beyonce or rihanna. >> both. >> you have to go one. >> i don't know.
5:40 pm
>> struggle is real. >> rihanna because she's single. >> good call. >> favorite thing to do off the court. >> fish. >> fish, really. >> did you get that from your dad, your mom. >> being in australia, you're surrounded by water, one of the things you you end up doing. it is fun. >> we will roll witt. favorite player growing up. >> lebron. >> lbj. >> yes. >> that is a a good one to go with. thing you like to to the most, on the court. >> play wise. >> like move. >> whether it is a move, you are a multi faceted guy. >> i like throwing lobs, definitely. >> do you have a message for the fans in philadelphia. >> i will see you around, looking forward to the season, looking forward to put the work in and good things are coming. >> a lot of fun talking to that kid because he seems composed, he stood up there and answered every single
5:41 pm
question but he was, you get the sense he is kind of over the press junk it and ready to play some ball. good stuff from ben simmons. coming up at 6:00 some local prospects in our area finally have teams including a couple guys from the villanova wildcats national championship team. they are going to the nba. we will tell you where they are headed. for now with the sixers at i'm don bell back to you in the studio. >> don, thanks. >> loved the it when he looked in the camera and said this is what it will be. as we continue this evening, we have heard of fitness trackers, how about a baby tracker. sort of a fit bit for babies, with a track when we come back. no, this is not a person in the bear suit, this momma bear was doing and how experts say you cab keep bears and other dangerous animals a way from your house, kate. today was half and half across the area, sunshine to the north, heavy thunderstorms to the south, we will have your full forecast for
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upcoming weekend, humidity drops and surges again, i'll tell you how warm and steamy it will get and when.
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there seems to be a growing trend of bears this time would be is captured on video in washington state. >> it might look like a person in the bear suit with you it is an actual bear helping herself to some trash, when she walks away with, and delivers to her any strange or funny. grabbing her take out meal, wild life experts say it is in laughing matter. >> makes for cool video, yes. he is a cool thing, no, it is not. >> also says that the residents living there, should
5:46 pm
have kept her trash inside of her home or garage. smell of food is too tempting, and not safe to have bears, wondering in the residential area. you have to lock that trash up. >> growing up we would go camping and put everything in the car or you cannot leave anything out at night, in those national parks, is there bears. >> no doubt about it. >> coming up, smoother sailing on uber, make paying for longest and fastest zipline in north america,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the cost of your next uber ride won't involve guesswork. >> they are rolling out up front fares for uber x ride. instead of providing an estimate have of your fair, the app will calculate how much it will cost, cost to you get from point a to point b based on distance, time, traffic and surge pricing. company says it should make things easier for their customers. >> you are big uber. >> i love uber. >> yes. >> you just got to get from a to b. >> that is right. >> unless you are planning on walking you need to jump in the car. >> depending where you work
5:50 pm
today is how much, with the weather. >> some spots in the city, we have had cloud coming and going through the day but dry day for most of us, dry to the north as well but down to the south over portions of cumberland county, down the shore we had ugly weather. things have started to clear out a little bit now, but a little downpour over portions of southern cumberland county where there was a flash flood warning in effect this afternoon. lets look at what is happening, outside to center city where it is a a nice evening after dealing with this in and out of the cloud all day. now sun has won out in center city but still seeing a few showers off to the west, mainly off to the north and west and still a few down over south jersey. it is different depending on where you are. lets look at our live neighborhood network sites the in broadheadville in the poconos, clear blue skies, patchy cloud, beautiful day to the north and west but as we check in margate little different down there cloud are
5:51 pm
in place, sand is damp and not a lot of folks out on the beach thanks to the rain that came through an hour or so ago. good news is steady rain has push on out, we are still dealing with scattered showers mainly over new castle county delaware right now, southern cape may county still seeing a few showers, thunderstorms off shore as the heaviest are the rain. and, this starts to weaken and it is drifting to the south and west, north east wind pick up across the region. likely will not get in philadelphia but can't rule out a stray shower through the rest of this evening. the mostly heading south and west and clearing out 3:00 a.m. saturday. overnight skies clear and wake up to full sunshine saturday morning and right through the day here's noon, 4:00 p.m., no problems out there, showers done with us for today and for the rest of the weekend. for the next few hours the scattered thunderstorms around to the far west and to our south, a slow moving storm and that has been a problem today and not severe but heavy
5:52 pm
downpours and they stay over a certain area for prolonged period of time leading to the ponding on the road. right now 80 degrees in philadelphia much cooler. rain cooled air in south jersey and delaware where temperatures are only 70. dew points much high are to the south as well. dew points only in the 50's in the lehigh valley at the moment and we are going to see dew points in the 50's and right around 60 degrees this weekend and comfortable for summer weekend. mainly cloudy nice and warm. 64 degrees. lets look at your regional forecast for tomorrow beautiful saturday in philadelphia. eighty-five with sunshine, down the shore you may have a few cloud but it will turnout sunny. 74 degrees the shore high poconos 79. you're witness weather seven day forecast great stretch through weekend mid 80's sunshine, comfortable humidity, steams up monday with the chance for afternoon thunderstorm, gannon tuesday but clear it the out by mid week next week. >> ukee and jessica back to you. parents, new parents especially there have probably been times you wish you could
5:53 pm
have watched your baby at all hours of the day. >> you want to check on him or her at day care and there is new technology that can help called baby bit, what manufacturers say it is a a fit bit for a baby. wear able plastic square that clips on a baby's clothing and monitoring more than just steps. >> it is a piece of mind because you can take your phone through the day, wonder how my baby is doing. look at the phone real quickly and say he has been asleep, he is fine, got a good nap. >> baby bit can be customized for specific alerts, and say if a baby ties hot hot or cold or how long they have been crying. >> how about that. still ahead, 22 years after the murders, nicole brown simpson and ron goldman we are hearing some new information. >> what chris jenner reveals in the deleted scene this keeping up with the kardashian about what she found in nicole's home, insider has the inside details when we come
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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selma bolaris apologize forgo her outburst on an airplane this week in a statement to vanity fair blair admitted mixing with alcohol with medication and she said the combination caused her to blackout and make statements that she regrets. actress was traveling to los angeles from can cure on monday with her ex-boyfriend and their son. twenty-two years later and people are still fascinating with the o.j. simpson case. >> now we are hearing new details about from these close to the case, insider's louie agear joins us from hollywood to tell us all bit. >> the new candid confessions
5:58 pm
come from chris jenner and o.j. prosecutor chris darden two decades after the crimes took place in june of 1994. >> nicole's mom called me and said can we get them, out of their room. lapd found blood on the steps. i said somebody has got to wash it off. >> a gruesome memory triggered by watching the fx phenomenon the people verse o.j. sim son. >> he always had that temper. >> reporter: in a just released scene, chris recalled with her mother inn boyfriend corry gamble the bone chilling reaction that she had upon stepping inside. >> now i have never been to a crime scene before so i didn't know what fingerprinting really would entail, you open up the door and i almost fainted because the whole house was black. >> reporter: today the other chris inside court when acquitted chris darden is speaking out on gma about his
5:59 pm
biggest regret. >> it seems like they still don't under tan what happened in that courtroom. i absolutely would not do it again, if i had men back then what i necessity today. >> the people would ask that mr. simpson step forward and try on the glove. >> the glove fit. >> it is an illusion, propaganda good we will have more on this story tonight on the inside he ukee and jessica, back to you. more on this story and all hollywood news on the insider tonight, at 7:30. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 neighbors described terrifying moments when a man opened fire on the delaware county police officer leaving him critically wounded. the latest oz condition and suspect gunman, kate. been a decent day here in philadelphia, not so for some areas to the south and still tracking showers and thunderstorms in one part of the area right now, i'll tell you where and what the weekend is looking like coming up.
6:00 pm
sixers introduce ben simmons one day after drafting him first overall and he goes one on one with our don bell, what he says it will take to turn the franchise around and next thing i was standing right there by the back door and i heard shots, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> police officer in folcroft delaware county is shot seven times in the line of duty. tonight that officer is in the hospital and that suspect gunman is behind bars. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. local officials wrapped up a press conference about a half an hour ago, iron we have team three coverage for you you. greg argos is at penn presbyterian medical center where that officer is being treated. we will begin with alex hoff in folcroft with new information from that press conference, alex. >> reporter: that suspect has pneumonia identified as


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